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Calpain-type beta-sandwich (CBSW) domain structure

(CBSW domain was formerly called "C2-like (C2L)" domain. Its 3D structure, however, is not topologically identical (or even similar) to that of the C2 domain, although their overall characteristics composed of eight anti-parallel β-strands look similar. Therefore, it was proposed to rename C2L to CBSW at 2013 FASEB calpain meeting, and was approved by a majority of the participants.)
CAPN7, human
  • 2QFE  residues 675-813 (distal CBSW); plus 18Br-


Fig. 11 Comparison of the 3D structures of the CBSW domains of mammalian calpains.

Schematic cross-eye stereo ribbon structures of the CBSW (Calpain-type beta-sandwich, once called "C2-like (C2L)") domains of the active (3BOW, red, part of the co-crystalized calpastatin structure is also shown in ball-stick scheme) (Hanna et al., 2008) and inactive (1KFU, white) (Strobl et al., 2000) forms of CAPN2[mCL] and the distal part of CAPN7[PalBH] (2QFE, blue), superimposed using Dali pairwise comparison. Both molecules showed fairly good superimposition (RMSD=2.0 Å), but several loops showed significant differences.

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