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Product Sructure Maker Catalog# Amount
Calpain-1 Substrate, Fluorogenic H-K(FAM)-EVY~GMMK(DABCYL)-OH MERK 208748 2 mg
Calpain-1 Substrate II, Fluorogenic H-E(EDANS)PLF~AERK(DABCYL)-OH MERK 208772 1 mg
Calpain Substrate II, Fluorogenic Suc-LY~AMC MERK 208731 25 mg
Calpain Substrate III, Fluorogenic: (DABCYL)-TPLK~SPPPSPR-(EDANS) MERK 208771 1 mg
Calpain Substrate IV, Cell-Permeable, Fluorogenic (DABCYL)-TPLK~SPPPSPRE(EDANS)-RRRRRRR-NH2 MERK 208773 1 mg
Calpain Activity Assay Kit, Fluorogenic   MERK QIA120 96 tests
Suc-LLVY-AMC Suc-LLVY~AMC Enzo/BioMol BML-P802-0005 5 mg
Suc-LY-AMC Suc-LY~AMC Enzo/BioMol/Alexis ALX-260-054-M005 5 mg
*Substrates are supposed to be proteolyzed by calpains at the peptide bonds shown by "~".

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